Book Review: Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits by Debi Chestnut

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Forget what you know or think you know about negative entities. Unless you are one of the Something Wicked Coverfew who have encountered a demon, it’s almost impossible to grasp the depth and scope of such pure evil and how these creatures can enter someone’s life and completely turn it upside down. Something Wicked explores the topic of negative energies, dark forces, and exorcisms with fresh eyes so that you may come to your own conclusions.

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This is an informative book about the negative entities that we may encounter. Miss Debi created this just to give information for those who are interested in paranormal and also as a guide for those who will be doing a ghost hunting.

The truth of the matter is: just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. – Debi Chestnut, Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits

When I started reading this, I am really interested on finding out what should I know and expect on these creatures that may be just a negative entity or worse a demonic one. But, as I flipped more pages, I noticed that some of the explanations that I’ve just read from the start just keep on showing on the other parts. Meaning, I found it repetitive and it makes me lose interest.

Aside from the information that she shared about those entities, I also enjoyed this one when she shares an experience she had with those kinds of entities.

The book cover is perfect for the title and the purpose of the book. The book is about exploring negative spirits and the cover is a person going down the stairs as if that person is looking for something and for me, it is a good presentation of what the book is all about.

I suggest this book for those who wanted to learn paranormal. And if you’re a ghost hunter, especially if you are a newbie, this will be very handy and helpful for you to know the precautions to take when you come face-to-face with those negative entities.

Disclaimer: Received a review copy from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd via NetGalley.

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ISBN-13: 9780738742175

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Publication Date: July 8th 2016

Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Non-fiction (Adult)

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 240

Add in Goodreads: graphics-click-here-230392

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Debi Chestnut has been able to see and speak to ghosts her whole life. A paranormal 605442researcher for more than twenty-five years, she gives lectures and conducts workshops to help people better understand paranormal activity. She resides in Michigan.



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