Real Neat Blog Award

The Rules:

📌 Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
📌 Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
📌 Create 7 questions for your nominees.
📌 Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Leticia’s Questions for Me:

1) What is one of your reading habits?

📚 I do read multiple books. That is, I would pick the second book even before I complete the first one. That doesn’t have to mean I got bored with the first. Sometimes, I just need to read other genre so I won’t get bored on the first one. 😀

2) Where is your favourite place to read?

📚 My favorite place to read is on our living room! The sofa there is so comfortable to sit on so I always go there to read. 😀

3) What are your least favourite genres?

📚 Hmmn, maybe non-fiction books especially if the topics are not interesting for me.

4) What is your preferred method of reading? Physical book or digital?

📚 Physical book because I can finish reading it in a day or 2 unlike when I’m reading through my reading apps or kindle, it takes me a while finishing them because I need to rest my eyes after an hour of reading.

5) In your opinion, which movie that was originally a book was actually good and worth seeing?

📚 There’s a lot on my mind but The Notebook – written by Nicholas Sparks – is one of my favorite movie that was based on a book.

6) Which book had a lot of hype but was utterly disappointing?

📚 Twilight series. My mom loved it – whom encourage me to read the series – and I don’t know but I just don’t like it. I only read the first book and then, I got bored reading the second book so I decided to just watched the movies.

7) What is your favourite book at the moment?

📚 Ahhh, this is kinda hard to answer. I’ll be choosing Melophobia by James Morris. You may want to read my review for this book. 🙂 And for a series, it’ll be the Angel Series by Melanie Tomlin – but HP Series and PJO Series are still my top and best series!

My Questions for My Nominees:

  1. Do you read non-fiction books?
  2. Which book or series do you consider a must-read?
  3. How do you pick your next book to read?
  4. Do you use bookmarks, or dog-ear?
  5. Do you read beautiful passages a number of times, to savour like a wine tester?
  6. Do you drop the book if you are not engaged in first 50 pages?
  7. Which book would you most like to see done as a movie?

My Nominees: (If you’ve already been awarded/participated or don’t feel like participating, that is okay with me!)

  1. Shannon @ mrsreadsbooks
  2. Anna @A Wondrous Bookshelf
  3. Balie @Nerd in New York
  4. Anna @ Holland and Books
  5. M & D @ The Nocturnal Book Club
  6. Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews
  7. Pamela @ Fantasy Book Nook

Thank you again Leticia @Shh, I Am Reading for the nomination! If you haven’t checked out these blogs yet, I definitely encourage it! 🙂


About Book Huntress

Alyssa Janine is a Filipino book blogger/reviewer, dancer, and math tutor. She enjoys dancing as much as she loves to read books. Being a math tutor let her share her knowledge in Math to people who can’t fully understand it. She's also a book blogger and she posts her reviews and other bookish posts on her blog named Book Huntress' World.
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11 Responses to Real Neat Blog Award

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  4. Great tag. I do read multiple books too. Although i wish i didnt. I just followed ur blog its lovelyxx

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  5. Great answers! 🙂 I agree with Twilight. A lot of my friends were all over it, but by the time I read the second novel, I stopped. They really weren’t that great.

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  6. Anna Holland says:

    Thank you very very much for the nomination! I’ll do it as soon as I can! I’ll let you know hahahahha lots of love form Spain 💛 💛 💛

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