Book Review: Constant Guests by Patricia Nedelea

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She was looking for her mother’s secret. Instead, she found the world’s greatest secret.

How would you feel if you found out one day that your mother wasn’t your mother and Book Cover - Constant Guests by Patricia Nedeleanobody had a clue who your father might be? This is what happens to Isa, a cynical party girl from Paris whose life is abruptly changed. When Mara, her real mother dies in front of her eyes without saying a word, Isa wants to find out what Mara was searching for in 1991, before she went into a coma. But Isa soon discovers that she is not the only one searching for answers and that her life is in danger. What is the secret that people are prepared to kill for? As Isa is drawn into a dark labyrinth of mysteries, she uncovers four lost-and-found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. Four stories have to be told, twenty-four tarot cards have to be united and one great secret has to be revealed.

This book is a hybrid adventure novel, swinging across Europe between history, mystery, and fantasy. Not only that, you will gain historical knowledge about tarot and see the first tarot deck ever: the book includes images of the twenty-four cards. It will leave you amazed at the possibilities it unfurls, intrigued by the history of the tarot and staggered at revelations you might develop a taste for.

ModernTeen's Review

“She was looking for her mother’s secret. Instead, she found the world’s greatest secret”

That line seems interesting, right?

How about the cover of this book?

I personally think that if I would be at a bookstore and saw this book cover, I would definitely buy this one. Why? ‘cause the cover looks so interesting and it is very eye-catching. The cover makes me want to take it home and read it all day long. I literally fell in love with the cover!

Now, let’s move on what “Constant Guests” is all about.

Constant Guests is an archaeological thriller that’ll keep you on turning the pages and it has four main exciting stories to follow.

First, it was set in the present day where the story centers on a girl named Isa, a 20+ Parisian-party-girl who’s unable to dream anything. Next was in Transylvania 1991 and it focuses on a girl named Mara – who’s having trouble sleeping because of her nightmares about her father’s murder incident that she had witnessed when she was a kid. Third, was in Tuscany 1389 and it tells the story of a bishop named Marignoli who happens to not remember anything from her pasts. And lastly, it was set in Patmos c.100, and it was about the blind man who has students who wrote down his visions.

Each of the stories is related to one another so you must keep an eye on every detail that you will read. Generally, it has lots of dates and history and lots of mystery to uncover in every character.

I liked how the characters were made. Each character has lots of contribution to spice up this amazing book. I must admit that the different dates are kind of confusing at first but the mysteries and the story itself will eventually cover it up! As I’ve said, it is a historical fiction so I have to deal with it, right? Silly me!

The book has a lot of supporting characters in each four main stories but you’ll be amazed on how each story is connected to one another.

The author wrote this novel well, I mean, the scenes are very easy to visualize. It didn’t have those deep words, so every scene can be easily imagined and understood by the readers. Of course, the events were great and you have to read it by yourself to know what I’m talking about.

I personally liked it even if I’m not into reading historical fiction stories so I know you guys will like it too, and probably love it. I recommend this to all the readers who are craving for a thrill while reading. It isn’t boring at all so I’m sure that you guys will keep on turning the pages and you will want more.

And can you believe that this is her debut book? Well, her first published book has impressed me and it is highly recommended for all the bookworms out there!

ModernTeen's Rating

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Book Details

Publication Date: May 21st, 2016

Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Page Count: 408

Language: English

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About the Author

My name is Patricia Nedelea and I’m currently living in Transylvania. After lots of life 15278943.jpgchanges, I decided to become a full-time fiction writer. Constant Guests is my first novel.

My childhood dream was to be on stage, and after years of hard work, I became a professional actress. Then I wanted to do something different, so I became an academic: I’ve got four Master Degrees and two PhDs. One of my PhDs was mostly about deconstruction, a reading and writing method I’m in love with. I’ve deconstructed and reconstructed Shakespeare, and the result was the academic book, Femina Ludens. The other Ph.D. was on Medieval and Renaissance history, more specifically on Tarot history. Historians have agreed that the questions about tarot origins are to be left unanswered, but I did not want to accept that. My novel Constant Guests offers an alternative answer to those questions.

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