Book Review: Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani

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“I am a collector of hopes and peregrine truths, a shepherd of thoughts, ideas, projects and dreams too important not to be realized. I’m an abstract concept that has no body, Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani - Cover.jpgno smell, no boundaries, no shape and no color.
I am the Omnilogos.”

So it is forged, a Science Fiction saga that gave birth to a legend, a tale about the life of a man with one project that will change mankind’s future forever.

Ten stories about his life, his sorrow, and his quest to gather the resources and the people needed to claim our place among the stars.

This is Wei’s story.

This is the world of the Omnilogos.

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Omnilogos is an extremely unique and extraordinarily intriguing story I’ve read this year.

This is a collection of stories of Wei Wang where on every part or chapter, another character was introduced and from there, it will be told on how Wei will be part of that’s person life. He is trying to do a project and to fund it, he needs a lot of connection and help that he will get through the help of the people he will meet on the story. What those people don’t know is that Wei’s project will forever changed the future of the human kind.

This is an incredible novel. I was blown by the great concept and how good the story was. The author’s writing style is also good even though I’m having a hard time with it because I find it really different and hard to enjoy – for my part. Though, the plot is really good and then you can relate to some of the characters. And Wei Wang for me is the counter-part of Einstein.

The characters mentioned here have different side of story, a story that will make you dislike some of them at first but afterwards, you will keep on reading it because you want to know them more.

There was a time when the story was making me bored because I find the writing on that specific page so slow but eventually it’ll make me energized again because something was revealed there and it will fueled the intensity of the story again. In short, the author’s way of writing is to give a background first on each person followed by what’s their problem. From that point, Wei will make an entrance and the story will flow from there.

Overall, this is an incredible and brilliant novel that explores the space. A story that will make you think if doing a space exploration is really worth it or it’s just a waste of time and resources. This is really recommended for Science Fiction fans and I’m telling you, you should read this in a slower pace because you don’t want to miss a single detail from each parts/chapters and that you should really pay attention to everything.

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ISBN-13: 9780994066305

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: October 2015

Series: Omnilogos, #01

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 246

Add in Goodreads: graphics-click-here-230392

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Michele Amitrani is a young self-published author living in beautiful British Columbia. He Michele Amitranihas grown up writing of falling empires, space battles, mortal betrayals, monumental decisions and everything in between.

He now spends his days traveling through time and space and, more often than not, writing about impossible but necessary worlds.

Omnilogos is Michele’s debut novel and the prologue of an action packed Sci-Fi saga drenched with what some has called the sense of awe typical of Asimov’s Foundation series.

His previous Sci-Fi short story, ‘When Gold was Black’, has been praised as ‘powerful’, ‘intense and inspiring’, ‘really well-written’, and ‘original’.

When Michele is not busy chasing dragons or mastering the Force, you can find him at or hanging out on Facebook at /MicheleAmitraniAuthor.




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  1. Definitely agree on this and I couldn’t believe that this book is just a PROLOGUE of the entire series!

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