Bookish Tag: Bookish Book Lover Tag


Thank you Cassiopeia’s Moon of A Book lover’s Corner for tagging me on this book tag! Go and check her blog and read her answers to these questions too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Use the Banner
  2. Answer the Questions
  3. Use Lots of Book Covers *smiles*
  4. Tag Your Bookish Friends!


1) What books are you currently reading?

Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklinย 31448935.jpg

2) Whatโ€™s the last book you finished?

constant guests

3) Favourite book you read this year?

The Daemoniac by Kat Rossย poison-princessย Melophobia Cover

4) What genre have you read most this year?

Hmmn, I think it is either Romance or Fantasy. Not sure though!

5) What genre have you read least this year?


6) What genre do you want to read more of?

Paranormal ย of course!

7) How many books have you read this year, and whatโ€™s your goal?

Well, based on my reading goals on Goodreads, I’ve read 39 books already out of my 40 books goal for this year. But, I know it’s more than that as I’m not yet updating my Goodreadsย due to lost of time.

8) Whatโ€™s the last book you bought?

I can’t remember hahaha! I’ve bought a LOT of books so I lost track of what are my recent purchases this year.

9) What book are you saving up to buy next?

Do you really want to know? If yes, it’ll take time for me to list them. ๐Ÿ™‚

10) How many books did you check out last library visit?

None except for academics books I’d read.

11) Whatโ€™s a book you canโ€™t wait to read?

Oh! Books that I can’t wait to read? Wait…

*Angel’s Body by Melanie Tomlin (No cover yet)

*Second book of Valley of the Moon by Bronwyn Archer (No updates yet)

*A Dominion Mystery Book 2 by Kat Ross (No updates yet)

*Shine with Me by S.J. Pierce (No cover yet)

and there’s more to add! ๐Ÿ™‚

12) Whatโ€™s a series youโ€™d recommend to everyone?

Harry Potter Seriesย Percy Jackson Seriesย Narnia Series

13) Whoโ€™s an author youโ€™re hoping writes more?

Hmmn J.K. Rowling?

14) A few books your heart adores?

The Daemoniac by Kat Rossย Harry Potter Series

Narnia Seriesย Percy Jackson Series

angel's kissย angel's curseย angel's messiah

15) What seriesโ€™ coming conclusion makes you sad?

None at the moment.

16) What books are on your wish-list?

Don’t ask! They’re too many I promise! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Andie of Books, Coffee and Passion

Kim of By Hook or By Book

Karina of Afire Pages

Jess of Beaucoupbooks

and anyone who wants to do this. (Some of the bloggers I’m planning to tag were done doing this tag) ๐Ÿ˜€


About Book Huntress

Alyssa Janine is a Filipino book blogger, dancer, and math tutor. She enjoys dancing as much as she loves to read books. Being a math tutor let her share her knowledge in Math to people who canโ€™t fully understand it. She is a also a book blogger and she post her reviews and other bookish post on her blog named Book Huntress' World.
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22 Responses to Bookish Tag: Bookish Book Lover Tag

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  2. Hi I’m new to the blogging life and was wondering if you could read my work and follow me I’d appreciate it as i am interested in literature and spoken word and lack a bit of confidence Thank you for your time and have a nice day

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  3. Sherrie says:

    Come join us for Mystery Thriller Week.


  4. Thank you so much for tagging me! This sounds fun! Hope you’ll list the books you’re saving up to buy, I’m curious! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  6. I think I’ll tag myself too ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. prexybasco says:

    I’m tagging myself to do this XD Thanks!

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  8. Love the cover of Poison Princess โ™ฅ How was it?

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  9. Transhaan says:

    Nice post!:) I love reading about bookish tags cauz it made me realize how wanna read more books BUT HAVE NO TIME. HUHU – Trang

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