Book Review: The Tokyo Cover Girls by Jackie Amsden

The Tokyo Cover Girls by Jackie Amsden

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There’s a dark new trend in Tokyo’s fashion industry and it has nothing to do with little black dresses.

For three models sharing an apartment in Japan’s megacity, life couldn’t be more The Tokyo Cover Girls by Jackie Amsden - Cover.jpgdifferent. Jess can’t wait for the summer to be over so she can finally leave the business behind forever. Blake can’t wait for the week to be over so she can get back to partying at the latest trending nightclubs. And Hailey can’t wait for this casting to be over so she can cuddle up in a ball and cry.

The only thing they have in common: no one wants to think about those dead girls.

All plans are put on hold when Jess, Blake, and Hailey are selected to compete for an exclusive campaign that will transform one of them from commercial nobody to international ‘model of the moment’. Of course, nothing is ever what it seems in the fashion world.

As the trio embarks upon a series of bizarre challenges, they are forced to confront their deepest secrets and ask questions they don’t want to know the answers to…like who really killed those girls? And are they going to be next?

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The story centers the three main characters namely, Jess, Blake and Hailey. They were models that went to Japan hoping to get better opportunity in their modeling career but it turned out that Japan’s modeling industry was not easy to enter. Just when they thought they will be sent back home, a mysterious company owner chooses them for an exclusive challenge for a campaign where they will need to win three challenges in order for them to win the money and to be famous in the modelling industry.

I like how it gives insights about the modelling industry. Personally, I love watching shows about models and would like to become one before but I know that it is not a reachable dream for me. Anyway, the book shows how it was like to be a model and how difficult it is to have bookings for amateur ones. I like the drama within the three main girls.

The fun begins when the competition begun. I was so thrilled to know who that guy was. It’ll kept the readers turning the pages. It was fast paced and would give insights of each of the girls’ point of views. All in all, this is a must try.

I am recommending this to all the readers who like modelling stuffs with a splash of mysteries in it.

Disclaimer: I received a reader copy from the author via Mystery Thriller Week event.

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ISBN-13: 9780994886217

Publication Date: May 6th 2016

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult

Series: The Tokyo Cover Girls, #01

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 215

Add in Goodreads: graphics-click-here-230392

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Jackie Amsden worked as a fashion model in China, Japan, and Taiwan before retiring at Jackie Amsdenthe age of eighteen after one too many agent threats, nude photo shoot requests, and self-loathing-induced Pocky binges. If you’d like to learn more about her decent into the darker side of Asia’s candy-coated modeling industry sign up for free installments of her upcoming memoir and get updates about the sequel to The Tokyo Cover Girls at




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