Blogger Resources

Blogger Resources

*Still updating*

Book Blog Directory

  • Temporarily not available. This is still under construction.

Blogging Tips

  • List of tips for you as a (new or not) book blogger.

Where You Can Get Free Books?

Book Blogger Review Programs

  • A list of review programs that you could join. If you know a review program not listed here, please let me know about it so I can add it here.

Blog Tour Sites

  • If you are looking for Blog Tour Sites to join at, here are some on the list. If you want to add some blog tour site here, please let me know.

Direct Request to Publishers

  • If you want to request review copies directly from the publisher, I listed here the publishers and also how and where you could get in touch with them.

Mailing Lists

  • This one is getting popular now. By subscribing on the mailing lists or newsletters, you’ll hear news about upcoming books and/or review copies available for request.