Blog Features

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Book’s Fashion Day (On hiatus)

  • Book’s Fashion Day is a weekly feature of my blog where books with captivating and gorgeous covers will be shown to you. Every week, I’ll come up with a theme and the book covers should be connected with it. This post will be posted every Friday. So, if you are looking for books with pretty covers, you might want to check this out.

Bookish Tags

  • This is a list of Bookish Tags that I’d joined before. If you are also interested on doing them, just do it and tag me on your post so I can also check yours.


  • Get to know these authors by reading my interviews with them!

Match-Up Monday

  • Match-Up Monday is a monthly feature of my blog where I compare and contrast two books or a book and it’s movie adaptation. This post will be posted on the last Monday of each months. For suggestions and/or recommendation for the next theme and/or books to be read, please contact me HERE.


  • This is where you will find news about upcoming books, books that will be adapted into movies, book events near my place, book blitzes, cover reveals, and etc.

Thursday Talks

  • Thursday Talks is a blog feature where a certain topic will be discussed and talked about. This will be posted on any Thursdays of the month. If you have anything on mind that you want me to discuss, please contact me HERE.

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