Blog Awards

  • These are the awards given to my blog.

Blogger Resources *Still updating*

  • It contains a lot of things that a blogger should know. Some of what you can find on this page are my own book blog directory, blogging tips, a place where to get free review copies: book blogger review programs, blog tour sites, direct request to publishers.


  • Listed here are the giveaways I am currently hosting. I’ll also include in the list the giveaways I’ve shared here on my blog. If you are interested on hosting/sponsoring a giveaway on my blog, just go HERE to know how.

Guest Posts

  • A list of guest posts published on my blog. If you are interested on publishing a guest post on my blog, just go HERE to know more details/information about it.

In My Mailbox *Still updating*

  • An update about packages/parcels/mails that contains books and/or book related items that I’ll receive one of these days.

Random Bursts

  • These are random updates about my life as a normal reader, student, dancer, blogger, reviewer, etc.

Recommended Reading *Still updating*

  • A (long) list of my recommended books.